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It Takes Two: Psychotherapy from Both Sides of the Room

A therapist who has spent many hours on the other side of the room discusses two key aspects of healing from both angles: therapist and person in therapy.

Finding a Light in the Darkness: How to Make the Most Out of Therapy

Whether you experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, or trauma, making the decision to seek therapy can be challenging—and that's before the harder work begins. What steps can you take to get the most out of therapy?

'Just Get Better': Easier Said Than Done

Here’s the truth about depression: It is not a choice. It is a psychological issue caused by an imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain, an abusive childhood, or any number of other factors. Just like physical disease and health issues, there is no connection between a weakness of character and depression. When someone starts experiencing depression, it is important to seek psychotherapy, and it might be necessary to also consult a psychiatrist. This may mean disregarding the advice of well-meaning friends who offer their supportive ear in place of professional treatment.

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